To give form to an idea is not only to think of it, it is to give it shape; in short, to create it. To be able to feel its texture, its composition, to be passionate about what it will become without the idea losing its way.

Draw, create the pattern, feel its shape, apply the fabric, cut, join, come, alive, move. The pattern is the basis of the trade.

There is no design without a pattern and knowing how to make a pattern is a great creative power, since, then, you can express what you think, and only then, does it become successful. Design cannot be removed from this trade skill, since it is this skill you have to master, to keep at the forefront, to be able to visualize an idea still abstract but that comes alive thanks to the technique, your technique, only then will your idea be real, yours, nobody else´s. This body of knowledge makes you strong and, with experience, talent is built to which the years add.

In this trade creativity cannot exist without mastering the pattern; it is its most precious asset; in short, your signature.